April 6, 1960 Founding of BOXER BREWERY SA.
The company name and logo were inspired by the faithful pet boxer of brewery founder and first director Mr. A. Hauser.
He sought to embody in his new business the qualities of HONESTY, LOYALTY, iNDEPENDENCE and RESILIENCE which he saw in his dog, Aramis, born April 14, 1951 and enterred on the grounds oft he former Romanel brewery.
1962 The BOXER BREWERY becomes operational and begins shipping to its customers.
The range consists of EXPORT (lager) beer, and SELECT (premium)
1982 Takeover of the company and its share capital by Jean-Pierre D'Aubreby, owner of GAYANT BREWERY in Douai,  northern France.
1987 BOXER BREWERY INC launches its new product PREMIUM beer.
1988 The first 33cl bottle with mechanical (lightning) closure and embossed designs, packed in a brown mini-crate, rolls off the bottling line on August 1 at 3:00 pm.
1989 Bottling and distribution of our GOLD light beer in 33cl bottles  with mechanical closure and barrels for draft. The latter is an immediate success.
1990 After a test period of one year, we decide to give the green light to our latest creation, WINTER ALE, available in both 33cl bottle with mechanical closure and in kegs for draft.
1994 Acquisition of the company by an Indian group.
1997 Takeover of the brewery by Swiss investors. Name changed to BOXER BEER INC.
The dog "Aramis" re-appears in the logo.
1998 Creation of a hemp beer, Boxer HACIENDA, popular with ladies and young people because thanks to its less-bitter taste.
1998 Introduction of the 12.5 liter, KEGGY, for home consumption and in restaurants not equipped for draft beer.
2000 Introduction of the BRUNETTE beer, available in 33cl and 25cl bottles.
2001 Exclusive distributor in Switzerland for German breweries C. & A. Veltins und Gebr. Maisel.
2002 Creation of a "shrinkpack" containing eight 25cl bottles for retailers and supermarkets.
Available for both OLD and BRUNETTE.
2003 For the Christmas season, HOLIDAY ALE distributed in 8-packs (25cl bottles) and 50cl and 33cl bottles.
2006 Introduction of a no-return 6 x 33cl pack with a colored mechanical closure, filled with PREMIUM.
2008 European Football Championship, introduction of our 6x33cl no-return GOAL Pack with a mechanical closure shaped like a soccer ball.
2010 Introduction of our new 50cl bottle with mechanical closure. Restyled label and logo. New 20-bottle cases.
2010 Replacement of 8-pack by October 1-pack (10x25cl).
November 5, 2010 press release announcing the relocation of the company to Yverdon-les-Bains.
2011 Boxer brewery equips former Akina facility in Yverdon-les-Bains for brewing
2012 Boxer moves from Romanel/Lausanne to Yverdon-les-Bains
April 18, 2013 Press release and ribbon-cutting ceremony at new brewery
April 27/28, 2013 Open house at the new brewery
January 2014 Introduction of our 50cl can with our beer Old 
January 2016 Introduction of 2 liter can filled with Old, Brunette and Bière de Fête (BdF only during Christmas time)




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Do you know

The brewer calls his beer “young beer” until the first fermentation is finished.